This community stands with its neighbors

To the editor:

Attached you will find a photo of an arm. Not the sort of jewelry that many of us normally wear, but looking around Lyon County, I see many arms decorated in the same way.

And while I hate the reasons that we're wearing these bracelets, I love knowing that I live in a community that cares enough to rally behind one another in hard times.

Like most of you, I know the Brown family and the Matthews family, and I hope that every time they see a "Pray for Cullan" or an "Owen Tough" bracelet, they know that this community stands with them, beside them, and in the gap as they devote their energy and resources toward fighting cancer.

Because that's how we roll here in Lyon County. I know of numerous fundraisers, donation opportunities, and meal trains that have been conducted over the years for various families fighting serious illness, and I just want to publicly acknowledge the wonderful people who step up and donate, cook, or do whatever they can to help their neighbor - whether that neighbor is across the road, across the county, or on the other side of the world.

There is a great deal of bad in the world, and as we know, some of it passes through here on a regular basis. I hope we will all pause to recognize that GOOD lives here, and be thankful that we are blessed to call Lyon County home.

Rae Wagoner