In Matthew 2:1-2 worship may be explained clearly. In devotions one and two, we pointed out the necessity of planning to worship, praying before worship, my participation in worship, my spiritual preparation for worship, how purposeful worship should be, our being present in worship, presenting our gifts to the King in worship, and how we pause in worship seeking peaceful worship.

Worship defined is to bow the knees in homage, fall prostrate before the King, lift up my hands and heart in adoration and pour out my soul like water before Him!

God is so pleased with us when we assemble to worship — Hebrews 10:25. Every called out assembly needs one focus only and that is everything falling into the realm of worship. He is so pleased in fact that He promised to be there with us! — Matthew 18:20

In the old hymn ‘We are come into His house and gathered in His name to worship Him’; We are to forget about ourselves, concentrate on Him; Lift up holy hands, concentrate on Him; Realize He is all my righteousness, I am complete in Him, O praise His name —worship Him!

There have been several peas in this pod of worship, but let us add just a few more. Perpetual worship is an absolute necessity for a vibrant Christian witness. I saw on a church sign the other day, ‘The danger of missing church is that soon you won’t miss it.’ It is like an ember of coal popping out of the fireplace onto the hearth. It soon loses its heat, turns from red hot to gray cold. It is like what Solomon wrote (Proverbs 25”19). He is like a foot out of joint or a broken tooth. Careless worship is like a gun that often misfires, or a fishing reel that back lashes, or a toaster that half works.

Pleasurable worship is peaceful worship. If we, in our worship services please the Lord, there is unity and peace while we please the Lord — Proverbs 16:7.

Enter to worship, depart to practice worship. Be not a hearer only but a doer also — James 1:19-27.

Finally, there will come a time when all the aspects of worship that I have mentioned will come to fruition. When Jesus returns and takes us home, and He will, all carnal desires and thoughts will be gone and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever! — Psalm 23:6.