I would believe that proper worship begins with proper planning. Maybe the old adage ‘fail to plan is plan to fail!’ When we observe the feats of the Wise Men (Magi) we could very easily come to that conclusion.

Let’s look at some of their preparation for coming to Jesus to worship Him.

They were men who believed in God and Biblical prophesy — Jeremiah 23:5; Isaiah 7:14. They were men given to sacrifice. The toil of the trip seems insignificant, as related in scripture, but the long arduous journey through the elements and thieves, they had to constantly be ‘on guard.’ Understanding the prophesies, these men travelled from afar to come and worship Him. No doubt much time was spent in prayer and preparation for such a long journey. If, in the natural and physical realm laborious tasks are given to come and worship, submission be unto our Lord?

These men brought with them both praise and purposeful worship because they had before prepared themselves. Their tunnel vision was, ‘We seek Jesus.’ O God in Heaven may that also be our heart’s sincere desire. Amazingly, they knew that to give themselves to the Lord was to also give to Him of themselves. Their sparing no amount in giving is to be emulated by all of God’s people. The widow’s mite was all she had, and the rich man in hell; no doubt along with the rich young ruler and famous should have also.

Selfless, the Wise Men came to where Jesus was. How apathetic are we in presenting ourselves to where He is ascended with His redeemed? They gave their best as we should give our best, after we first of all have given ourselves to Him.

Proof is in the pudding and what we are speaks so loudly that our God and our friends can not hear a word we say. When you depart from worship, practice your worship. This will be pleasing worship. One day soon, and maybe very soon, our practicing worship will turn into permanent worship. Joyous jubilation with a hallelujah chorus resounding that vibrates all of the glorious expanse of our new home, that is so intense, angel’s wings have folded, but joy is on every face. The prophet Amos — 4:12 said, ‘Prepare to meet thy God!’ We can do this in our preparation to worship.