About Us

The Herald Ledger has been the voice of Lyon County since 1901. The weekly newspaper, which is located in Eddyville, publishes each Wednesday. If you want to know what’s going on in Lyon County — from sports to news — The Herald Ledger is your source.

The newspaper grew from the "Eddyville Telegram,” located in Eddyille, which was started in 1850 and “Tale of Two Cities,” a Kuttawa newspaper which began publishing in 1890.

Grayson M. Pedley purchased the two and merged them into “The Lyon County Herald.” In 1962, the Baccus family started “The Lakeside Ledger” in new Eddyville after most of old Eddyville was forced to relocate. The two newspapers merged in 1965 becoming “The Herald Ledger.”

Paxton Media Group acquired the newspaper in 2000.