After a near mercy rule loss to Lyon County the previous week, a new defensive strategy helped the Lady Trojans hold the Lady Lyons off for most of the first half.

With six minutes left in the half, Anna White broke the gridlock that would eventually lead Lyon to their 5-0 win over Webster County last Thursday.

Lady Trojan coach Matt Pratt decided to switch things up a bit after the near double digit loss the week prior against the Lady Lyons. By switching their strikers to midfield and fullback positions, they were able to keep the Lady Lyons to a single goal the entire first half.

White’s goal had the Lady Lyons up 1-0 before the break. The breakthrough that launched the Lady Lyons to their 9th win of the season is credited to Leah Schroeder and Mary Beth Davis. Schroeder was able to go head-to-head with Trojan midfielders and win critical possessions that ultimately put the ball on the cleats of Lyon County offense. Davis was crucial in converting defensive moves over to offensive possessions.

Kyndal Hubbard added her first goal of the season for the Lady Lyons on an assist from Lyon County standout, Rose Smith.

Smith was recognized before the game started on her record-shattering career of 123 career goals. Jill P’Poole, the former record holder at 119, came out to Lee S. Jones Park to celebrate with Smith on her accomplishment. Smith added the final goal of the night that gave the Lyons the 5-0 win.

Maddie Russell moves up the state leaderboard to 20th after posting her 4th shutout of the season. Russell added six more saves and now has a total of 114 for the season.