The deadline for registered voters who wish to update their political party affiliation is coming up this Friday, Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said in a news release.

Kentuckians who want to update their political party affiliation must do so by Dec. 31 in order to be eligible to participate in the May 17 primary elections. Democratic and Republican primary elections are closed primaries in Kentucky, meaning a voter must be affiliated with the specific political party in order to participate in its primary elections.

Voters not registered with these parties can still vote in nonpartisan primary elections.

“If you are currently a registered voter and want to vote in a political party’s primary election next May, by law you must be registered to vote in that party by this Friday, Dec. 31,” Adams said.

All eligible registered voters can vote in general or special elections regardless of party affiliation.

The registration deadline for new voters who wish to participate in primary elections is on April 18.