Bobby and Cheryl Bowers started BGB Trucking in their basement and backyard in 1998 at the Lyon-Caldwell county line. Their company now operates in 48 states, employs close to 90 drivers, and has a 66-truck fleet.

BGB occupies a space at the Eddyville Industrial Park. The business got established there in 2016.

BGB holds local contracts with TreeHouse, Hydro-Gear, among others. More than 85% of employees are locally sourced.

Bobby explained yearly growth has been constant, demonstrating progress and development. “Our need for space is continuously growing. When we first came to this facility we had 17 trucks.”

The business is dealing with expansion efforts at the moment. It is currently constructing an additional on-site facility, a parking lot, and expecting a turn lane on U.S. 62.

Currently, BGB is constructing a space for its drivers. The facility will house a lounge, showers, laundry facility, a break room, a gantry truck wash system, and storage.

A lease agreement with the Eddyville Riverport Industrial Development Authority has enabled BGB to utilize newly developed land to increase parking capacity.

On Monday, Bobby and Cheryl announced they’re anticipating a turn lane on U.S. 62.

“The next thing that is coming along very shortly is the state is putting in a turn lane here,” Bobby said. “They’ve already started marking the properties. The state is going to come and do a revision of this road.”

He explained it benefits the businesses at the park and contributes to traffic safety.

With BGB facing another growing stage, Bobby and Cheryl are determined to push through COVID-19 pandemic conditions. They hold a neutral vaccine stance.

“We end up with employees that are taking pay cuts just to get away from the mandate,” Bobby said.

BGB does not require its employees to get vaccinated, however, depending on state mandates, that may change.

Cheryl said drivers face unique challenges when driving on the road. Many shuttered businesses create complications when traveling.

Finding places to eat, drink, and use the restroom are some of the issues drivers encounter. Cheryl said these are some of the things the general public sometimes takes for granted, especially during the pandemic.

In speaking about driving and road conditions, the Bowers are pleased with the current market. They explained rates are supporting retention and recruitment efforts.

“There’s more to be done but there are less people are doing it,” Bobby said. “A lot of small trucking companies did not make it during the pandemic.”

Technology and automation are new spaces the Bowers find themselves navigating.

“We just recently got on board with fiber optic here,” Bobby said.

Bobby explained technology is necessary for the transportation and logistics industry, and it also supports business development.

He noted other businesses who are behind the curve will get left behind and struggle to adapt.

Bobby and Cheryl said their faith led them to opportunities in the past, and their goal is to continue on the faith-based path.