Kelly Eberhardt is new to Eddyville. Her professional background is in the arts. On Monday night, during Eddyville City Council’s meeting, she proposed a beautification project at the park across from City Hall.

The Eddyville City Council met Monday to hear a beautification project proposal, discuss law enforcement personnel, and conduct other business.

Kelly Eberhardt attended the City Council meeting Monday night to propose an art project.

Her background is in the arts. Following her relocation to Eddyville, Eberhardt saw an opportunity to uplift residents with art.

She is interested in starting at the park, prime space for art installations and community gatherings.

“Now that I’ve moved to Eddyville, I need a project,” Eberhardt said. “I love walking around the city park, and I thought there was so much potential to enhance it.”

After speaking with local clubs and organizations, the city park was chosen as the first site of the beautification project.

Eberhardt recommended starting with the butterfly garden at the park.

“A lot of people are pretty excited about these simple things you can do for a big impact,” she said.

She noted the culverts can be painted with murals and adorned with mosaics.

Eberhardt and the council share interest in involving community members, especially students.

The council took no action on the matter, however, they requested Eberhardt to follow up with a proposal with budget figures and an implementation plan.

During Police Chief Jaime Green’s department report, she advocated for hiring additional patrol officers.

She previously informed the council of her upcoming retirement next year, however, some council members were not aware of the shortage at the police department.

Green said she has been challenged with understaffing for a couple of years now. She said the job pool isn’t what it used to be.

“I can tell you what I make, and you can compare it to all of the other chief’s around me and there is a substantial difference,” Green said.

She explained the police budget is rather small compared to other local agencies, which may lead to fewer applicants. On the other hand, the state is dealing with fewer police academy recruits.

After a robust discussion, the council passed a motion approving the advertisement of two positions, one patrol officer and one chief of police.

The council took action on their waste management services contract with Waste Path.

After deliberation, the council passed a motion rescinding its one-year extension option, as advised by the Kentucky League of Cities and Attorney Steve Underwood.

The motion comes after a ruling against Cadiz for similar contract language and circumstances. The council wants to avoid judicial repercussions.

The council decided to put out bids again, ensuring a comprehensive, all-inclusive approach.

The council approved motions to surplus police department property, accept a mini excavator bid, and sell a subdivision lot.