City council reads property tax ordinance, appoints new clerk

The Eddyville City Council met Monday to read a property tax ordinance, appoint a city clerk and give department reports.

The Eddyville City Council met Monday to appoint a new city clerk, read a property tax ordinance, give department reports and discuss other business.

Ordinance 2021-08-02 is a 2021 property tax rate ordinance.

According to the ordinance, “The purpose of the tax for which these rates are set is to provide revenue for the City of Eddyville General Fund.”

The proposed tax rate for real property is 0.32%, tangible personal property 0.2922%, and automobiles and boats 0.199%.

The council voted and approved the first reading of the ordinance.

The council appointed Linda Greene-Williams as city clerk; she previously worked as assistant city clerk. Lynn Orange was the city clerk and is now officially retired.

Josh Schenk, fire chief, announced the fire department received a Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Division of Forestry grant; it is a matching grant.

“We pretty much got $10,000 worth of gear for $5,000. We’ll take that anytime we can get it,” Schenk said.

According to his July activity report, there were 10 incidents and three meetings.

Police Chief Jaime Green reported in July there were 157 calls for service, 26 calls for agency assistance, seven arrests, four motor vehicle accidents, 16 cases and six special details.

“One of the big things was the gentleman that ran from the state police on I-60 that kept us out for several hours, and we had several tent revival meetings,” Green said.

Water Superintendent James Peters reported the hole for the lift station at the industrial park is being dug. He reported a pump and a cooling unit was replaced at the sewer plant, and a new tap was installed on Fairview Avenue.

The council called a special meeting for 5 p.m. Aug. 19 to discuss a zoning text amendment, vote on the second reading of the property tax ordinance and discuss bids.