Eddyville Mayor Greg Greene (right) presented Lyon County basketball player Travis Perry (left) with an official proclamation declaring March 16 as Travis Perry Day in the city of Eddyville. This was in recognition of Perry breaking the state scoring record previously held by “King” Kelly Coleman.

The Eddyville City Council held its regular meeting on Monday, May 5 and agenda items included an official presentation regarding Travis Perry Day and the review of the Cleaner Water Grant and related resolutions.

During committee reports, the Street Department shared it’s had done some cosmetic and rehab work at the public pool. The Water and Sewer Department added on to this, saying that it’s completely redesigning a new high dive, as the old one had structural issues that led to questions about its safety.

The new high dive will be safer, especially for small children, as the gaps between the railing will not be as wide. There will also be stairs leading up to it instead of a ladder. The Water Department shared that the new radio meter system now had an expected delivery date of July.

At the March meeting, Eddyville Mayor Greg Greene signed an official proclamation naming March 16 as Travis Perry Day, as this was the day he broke the scoring record. However, at this meeting, Greene made an official presentation to Perry of a congratulatory plaque and re-affirmed the proclamation.

Greene explained later in the meeting that all new business that evening would be related to the Cleaner Water Grant funds the city was receiving. The city council was presented with Budget Appropriations Ordinance 2023-05-01, which was split into two funding portions of $122,784 and $41,304 in adjustment to the budget to allow for funds received by the city through the grant. This was the first reading and the ordinance was approved.

The city also approved resolutions 23-05-01A, 23-05-01B and 23-05-01C.

These three resolutions all covered different portions of the grant funding, but had to be approved separately as they were each in response to different budget amendments based on different grant acceptances. The city council also approved allowing the mayor to execute necessary documents for the grant.

Greene also informed the city council that it would look at updating the employee handbook at the June meeting. He shared that two items it would consider are making Juneteenth an official holiday and removing the probation period for benefit enrollment. The current probation period is three months, which Greene saw as a hindrance to some.