The Lyon County Fiscal Court met on Monday to discuss the condition of the county after the Dec. 11 storms and tornadoes.

Judge-Executive Wade White announced two emergency contracts aimed to facilitate and boost recovery operations.

The court signed a contract with Rostan, a disaster and recovery group. The other contract is with Promise Land Tree Service for debris collection and removal services.

White announced county personnel is advising residents to separate items and create piles for collection.

“We’ve had some people running around telling people to move stuff to the edge of the road,” he said.

White announced a professional fisherman is partnering with local carp fishermen to remove debris from Lake Barkley. Local volunteers will be assisting them.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is preparing White and the court a plan to remove metal and other debris from the lakes, White said.

The court is finalizing details on when and where the American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency are setting up mobile offices in the county.

He said the two groups are most likely going to set up operations in the Lyon County Convention Center.

Laurie Dana works for the Small Business Administration. She informed the court she and the SBA are working in conjunction with FEMA to offer solutions and services for residents. She said the SBA is now taking applications for the SBA Disaster Loan Program.

She encourages residents to register with FEMA as soon as possible, which can be done at its website or in person once a disaster recovery center opens.

The Lyon County Relief Team was established to identify which residents need disaster assistance. The team is charged with organizing and coordinating monetary donations too. White said the group is composed of local residents.

“This team is to help take the money that has been donated to us through Macedonia Baptist Church, and get it to the people that need it,” he said.

White announced on Wednesday the Lyon County Convention Center is hosting an invocation service. He said the event gives the community a chance to grieve and heal together. Community members will also sing Christmas carols.

On Thursday the center is hosting a meal service during lunch at around noon. After the service, registered families from Lyon and Caldwell County and Dawson Springs, can pick up their Christmas gifts. For those who cannot pick up gifts, volunteers will help with deliveries.

With assistance from a church in Georgia, the Macedonia Baptist Church, and local donors, the families can have Christmas at the center on Thursday, White said. On Monday, the donation amount was near $65,000.

White said Jenni Parrent Frank is helping coordinate volunteers for debris collection. The volunteers will help residents with debris separation and collection. Interested volunteers can contact Frank at 270-217-2885.