Lyon County Sheriff Brent White explains the budget adjustments to the court in Thursday’s Lyon County Fiscal Court meeting. He said the funds are a result of his office having to transport prisoners across state lines for hearings and sentencing. This amount is larger than it has been the past few years because these services were mostly shut down due to the pandemic. However, he specified that this is pass-through money, but he is still required to reflect it in his budget.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, the Lyon County Fiscal Court held its regularly scheduled meeting and agenda items included an update on a property that requires clean up and the amendment of the sheriff’s budget.

During visitor’s comments, a resident raised concerns about an intersection at Highway 62 and 8/10 Street that has an overpass. The resident said he has seen several semis and other cars come speeding down the road.

Magistrate Jeff Fowler represents the district the intersection is located in and said he knows it well. He and other county officials shared it was on the road plan the judge-executive’s office submitted to the state, which helps the state prioritize road improvements. However, they were unsure of the current progress with the state.

Amanda Davenport, executive director for the Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development, updated the fiscal court on the Westpark Grant, saying that it should know if it received the grant by the end of the year. She also shared that there should be a site visit this week regarding the grant, and she also plans to take the representatives to see the Industrial Park.

Tommy Melton, supervisor of the county road department, told the fiscal court that it had been busy with leaf pick up from the sides of the roads. He also shared that the county’s 115 Case tractor is breaking down and recommended that the county solicit bids for it. County Attorney Lee Wilson said he, Melton and Deputy Judge-Executive Jaime Green would meet this week to discuss the best option.

Wilson also shared an update on a property that had previously been brought to the fiscal court’s attention due to a public nuisance complaint. The property, 95 Mountainview Road, had not been cleaned since the December tornadoes. After all proper channels were pursued, it is believed the property owner is deceased and there is no next of kin to contact, so Judge Jamus Redd gave the county permission to begin clean up efforts on the property.

The fiscal court was additionally made aware of both an update in the solar farm county investments and a 50% match opportunity regarding state parks. However, it chose to take no action on either item.

Lyon County Sheriff Brent White explained to the fiscal court that his office had received funds as a result of out of state prisoner transfers, which was greater than the amount in the past few years as the courts had mostly suspended transfers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. White shared this was pass-through money, but it still had to be accurately reflected in the budget. The fiscal court approved the amendment of the sheriff’s office budget.