Fiscal Court discusses bids, approves annual orders

Lyon County Sheriff Brent White informed the court the impound lot has proven to be a revenue generator for the county, despite a slow start. He advised the court to look for ways to save money specifically, by allowing impound lot towing bids. 

The Lyon County Fiscal Court hosted its regular meeting on Thursday, to discuss waste disposal bids, impound lot towing bids, vote on annual orders, vote on board appointments, and conduct other business.

The court accepted the Waste Path bid, the only bid received. It is a four-year contract with an option to extend two years.

A Waste Path representative informed the court the company is currently hiring drivers and buying new trucks to expand service areas.

In 2019, the court approved an ordinance enabling the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office to establish and operate an impound lot, per state legislation. Sheriff Brent White informed the court it generated revenue upwards of $10,000, despite a slow start onset by the COVID-19 pandemic.

White informed the board two towing service providers inquired about bids. He said the ordinance does not contain language allowing bids.

“We’ve been using a rotating list, and that has seemed to work,” White said.

Currently, the cap for towing is $150. White said one service provider is raising rates to $200 — and may go higher — on Jan. 1, 2022.

The court did not take any action on the matter. White simply advised the court of money-saving options.

Judge-Executive Wade White said it is not the court’s intention to hurt businesses. He invites the service providers to attend the next meeting to hear comments and proposals.

The court voted on amending the annual order setting the maximum pay for sheriff’s deputies and assistants for the calendar year 2021.

White said his office accumulated a significant amount of overtime, resulting from COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

He informed the court his office had to hire additional staff for tax season duties and responsibilities, increasing payroll for the calendar year 2021.

The court approved to amend the annual order, increasing the maximum amount for deputies and assistants. The amended order reduces overtime pay by rectifying hourly and salary employees.

An annual order setting maximum pay for sheriff’s deputies and assistants for the calendar year 2022 was approved by the court.

The maximum amount includes amounts paid from wages, salaries, overtime wages, vacation, sick leave, insurance, and benefits. The court set the maximum amount at $568,710.88

The court approved an annual order setting maximum pay for clerk’s deputies and assistants for the calendar year 2022 at $193,000.