Digital media, low overhead, customized shopping transform ‘House to Home’

Sisters Stefanie Cavins and Meghan Nelson, owner-operators of House to Home, 626 U.S. Highway 62E, Eddyville, cut the ribbon to open their new business. Joining them are members of the Lake Barkley Chamber of Commerce. The sister-owners use unique insights to do business in unconventional ways, customizing to suit each customer’s individual tastes.

“House to Home” is a new furniture store in Eddyville created out of unique insights, doing business in unconventional ways, and customizing to suit each customer’s individual tastes.

“I’ve lived away from home for the past eight years and I just had my first child. So, I have a 14-month-old daughter and wanted to be a little closer to family,” explained Meghan Nelson. “So, we moved back to the area and I was trying to find furniture. It was insane and the mark-ups are crazy. So, I wanted to bring something to the community that was a one-stop shop.”

To bring all the diverse needs involved together, Nelson and her business partner, Stefanie Cavins, work hard to keep the overhead of their business as low as possible. One way to achieve that goal is by operating only with workers who are family members. That starts with the fact that the two are sisters. Their parents help out sometimes as well.

“Instead of maintaining a large warehouse with high rent, we cut all of that out, too,” Nelson said. “Everything is in the store.”

Shoppers are not required to buy an entire furniture suite, but rather can pick and choose individual pieces that suits their needs. If someone wants something beyond what’s in stock… “We can special order items, mix and match, rather than (requiring shoppers to choose) a suite every time.”

The sisters strive to feature the trendier items that are in-style and they post everything on their Facebook page. They regularly welcome new arrivals of merchandise and maintain frequent turnover of their stock. “So, if you miss it, we can re-order and offer the same pricing,” said Nelson. “That way, we don’t have to pay commission to other people. It keeps our overhead really low and, in turn, we pass those savings along to our customers.”

Although the ribbon cutting to officially open the business took place in November, the store actually started welcoming individual customers in August. Its first shopping event took place on Labor Day Weekend. “It has gone so well,” Nelson observed. “My sister and I are both moms of young kids; so, we can’t be here every day. We operate by appointment only, along with regular, monthly shopping events.”

The two try to re-stock the store regularly with brand new choices. Shoppers can purchase items off the floor the day they visit. Often, that’s just after Nelson and Cavins have gotten a new arrival boxed and built.

“It surprised us that people liked having things built for them so that all they have to do it pull up, take it out the door, and they can take it to their homes,” said Nelson. “We do offer delivery in some cases, if there’s a need for it. It’s been going really well, way better than expected. We’ve been so busy.”

The shop has been empty since the sisters started and even now, it’s not completely full. “We have new arrivals every week or every two weeks,” said Nelson. “Things constantly are on order. COVID has pushed everything back. November, December, and January makes up the time when a many manufacturers start to receive their orders. So, we expect to be really stacked for the holidays.”

Sisters Nelson and Cavins remind potential shoppers that the new website highlights all available gift items. “You can order directly from the website, “ Nelson concluded. “We have links to all of our vendors. You can log in and get an idea of what you might want. We also do special orders.”

House to Home is located at 626 U.S. Highway 62E, Suite D, Eddyville. Its website is