Fastnet Wireless provided an update on its buildout with Humana Healthy Horizons and Lyon County on Tuesday, April 12. Since announcing the project, it’s been acquiring materials and completing the initial construction. Below is an updated street list of the homes included in the project:

• Travis Road

• Stevens Road

• Heather Road

• Rusty Ridge Road from 810 to Fowler Road

• Cruise Road

• Fowler Road off Rusty Ridge to the top of the hill

• 810 from 62 to Rusty Ridge

• Bar X Lane

• Jesse Street

• Trail End

• Defew Road

• Wall Street

• Suwannee Hill Road

It’s hopeful the weather will be cooperative in the coming weeks and allow it to complete the buildout. If someone has requested services, the office will be contacting them to schedule the next phase of the installation. Installation has already begun on Travis, Stevens and Heather roads, and scheduling for the remaining roads will take place over the next few weeks.

The buildout is broken into three stages:

1. Backbone construction — during this stage, crews will be focused on construction. If someone has questions, the company asks that they contact the office, as crews are unaware of timelines or the ability to schedule installations.

2. FTTH installation — the company’s office will be setting up a time for crews to install a service drop into the residence. This consists of coordinating the location of entry into the home and the placement of a small utility enclosure on the outside of the home. The crew will establish a path for the fiber to the vault and mark the path with white flags so that the coordinator can call the 811 locate in. Once the 811 ticket has cleared, a second crew will come out and run the cable to the vault. This will not require access inside the homes, so the schedule will be based on weather conditions.

3. Turn up date — one of the technicians will arrive to provide the managed Wi-Fi router and handoff paperwork. This appointment will take less than 30 minutes, and the Fastnet Fiber Internet will be active and ready to use.

This is a pilot project with Humana Healthy Horizons, so the start of service is still to be determined. The welcome documentation and usage agreements require time for legal reviews and printing. The company expects to bring customers in the Travis Road area online in the next few weeks, and its goal is to have coverage by the end of May for all included residences.

If someone has any questions or live in the included area, they can contact the office at 855-889-3278.