Fiscal court passes ordinances and hears budget amendment request

Lyon County Fiscal Court met Thursday, May 13.

Lyon County Fiscal Court met Thursday, May 13, 2021, to hear a budget amendment, pass a speed limit ordinance, and conducted other business.

Sheriff Brent White requested the court reconsider the sheriff’s office’s initial budget for fiscal year 2021-22.

Earlier in the year, a $12,000 law enforcement dog was acquired through a canine scholarship program called Terlui K9 Group.

Stelvio was donated in April. He is a Dutch Shepherd mix and is a dual-purpose law enforcement dog, authorities said.

White previously said “this canine can be used for a variety of purposes, such as finding lost and or missing persons or articles, criminal apprehension and narcotics detection.”

With the new addition of Stelvio, the sheriff’s office will now have two working law enforcement service dogs.

Then office received its first service dog last year — both dogs are currently being trained and certified, White said.

The dogs will be used for other departments and programs, White added.

The Search & Rescue program is interested in incorporating the dogs into its strategy for search and rescue missions and assignments, officials said.

“We provide over $125,000 to four governmental county entities with our surplus property program,” White said.

“I look at our budgets over the years, and there has been a tremendous drop in reserves,” said Magistrate Quinn Sutton. “I also understand the needs of the community.”

White requested the court to amend the $3,500 line item within the sheriff’s office’s budget to get the canine program started as soon as possible.

“I believe once it gets going, we can utilize the asset forfeiture that comes with those dogs to help fund that [canine] program,” White said.

The second and final reading of the Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget will take place at the next fiscal court meeting.

In other business

  • Previous meeting minutes were approved.
  • Visitor comments included Eddyville Mayor John Choat, who requested a perpetual easement transfer from Lyon County to the city of Eddyville; Dennis Trim proposed past park board members be recognized at the Lee S. Jones baseball fields, and Steve Cruce expressed disappointment in county and city employee work ethic.

The County Road Aid Cooperative Program Agreement was discussed and approved by a resolution — the apportionment of Coun

  • ty Road Aid Funds is $796,934.80.
  • Ordinance 02-2021 was adopted — it sets new speed limits for 14 county-maintained roads.
  • Ordinance 03-2021 was adopted — it removes Ted Embry Road from the county road system and discontinues its service and maintenance, except for 0.3 miles adjoining Highway 295.
  • The Transfers were approved.
  • The Finance Officer Report was approved.
  • The Treasurer’s Report was approved.
  • The Clerk’s Report was approved.
  • The court approved one board appointment and three board reappointments.