Kentucky Soybean interns for the summer of 2022 are Lily Welden (left) and Addi Allen.

It is shaping up to be a normal — and therefore busy — summer for the farmer-leaders and staff of Kentucky Soybean Board and the Kentucky Soybean Association, and the organizations’ interns are busy working and learning.

This year’s interns both hail from Murray State University’s Hutson School of Agriculture. Addi Allen is studying agriculture communications, and said that while she grew up on a farm and wants to be involved in agriculture, she doesn’t want to farm. “I want to use the skills I learn in ag comm to help bridge the gap between farmers and consumers,” she said. Addi comes to Murray State from Warren County, and said she believes that advocating for agriculture is something she will enjoy as she navigates her career path.

Lily Welden is from Union County and said, “Growing up on a farm helped me to decide what to major in when I went to college — farming is all I have ever known, and I know that my future is in agriculture.” Lily said she chose agribusiness because the skills she will learn in that area of study will serve her well, no matter what area of agriculture she chooses.

“With an ag business degree, I’m flexible and not locked into any one small area. I think that ag business is versatile enough that I will be well prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that I encounter,” she said.

Executive Director Debbie Ellis said the internship program is a true win/win.

“I think the Kentucky Soybean internship is a good one, because having real-life experience in an active commodity organization is a great way to see what life post-graduation could look like,” she said. “It benefits the farmers, too, because these interns contribute to the mission of our organizations and are very helpful during the busy summer months.”