According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the moving work zone along I-24 in Lyon County for bridge cleaning and maintenance started on Monday, Feb 20.

The work should take roughly two weeks to complete.

A KYTC news release said this moving work zone will start on the eastbound lanes of I-24 at the 34-mile marker and extend for about a half mile to allow bridge deck maintenance and cleaning of bridge drains. Over about the next two weeks, the crew will work eastward from the 34-mile marker to the 55-mile marker, then turn and work westward back to the 34-mile marker.

This moving bridge maintenance work zone will be active from about 8 a.m., Central Standard Time, to 3 p.m., on weekdays, whenever weather allows, until the project is completed.

The crew will likely change locations frequently as some bridges may take a full day while others may take only a few hours.

Motorists should be alert for slowing and merging traffic. Appropriate caution is required where equipment, flaggers and maintenance personnel are along the roadway in close proximity to traffic flow.