The Lake Barkley Tourist Commission Board of Directors met last Thursday to discuss summer activities planning, advertising opportunities, Founders’ Day 2021, and other recreational functions.

Michael Wiggins, Lyon County Emergency Medical Services director, serves on a Lyon County park and recreation board.

In his presentation, he requested donations and sponsorship for Lee S. Jones Park softball and baseball tournaments. Wiggins noted that tourists and tournament travelers have places to stay when they travel to the Lake Barkley area.

Primarily, softball tournaments are hosted at the park, many of which are hosted in June and July. Various costs have gone up over the past year, Wiggins said.

In addition to rising operational costs, there is a decrease in volunteers, adding the need for additional paid staff to work the events.

The average cost of hosting a softball tournament is $3,300, Wiggins said.

When old business was discussed, advertising opportunities were negotiated.

The commission is looking to advertisers to help reach tourists outside of the Lake Barkley region. Potential advertising partners are Evansville, Indiana, radio and television stations, Townsquare Media, and local media group The Edge.

Lake Barkley’s marketing will mostly be digital, reaching consumers on smartphones and websites. The other component of the commission’s summer advertising strategy is to target radio listeners.

Under new business, Founders’ Day 2021 was discussed.

The commission would be responsible for funding $30,000 for entertainment during Founders’ Day 2021.

The city of Eddyville will match at least $30,000 to cover other costs.

Festivities include live musical performances, party inflatables, barnyard animals, food vendors, and a movie screening. Other attractions are being determined.

Founders’ Day 2021 will take place in August.

The commission deliberated how to spend the rest of advertising funds for the fiscal year 2020-21 budget; a new budget will be enacted in July.

A disc golf park at Lee S. Jones Park requires about 40 acres, and the commission deliberated whether or not the park is the best location for a disc golf park. The estimated cost of designing and constructing a disc golf course at the park is $25,000.

In other business:

• March meeting minutes were approved.

• March and April financials were approved.

• Lodging and Restaurant Report was approved. In the Lodging and Restaurant Report, the commission noted the Palisades Resort is under new ownership and renovations have already take place.

• The board discussed a stage wrestling event.