Last Friday, 72 students gathered in front of family, teachers and friends for what has so far been the most important walk of their life. Lyon County high school’s Commencement for the class of 2023 was held on May 19 at 6p.m. in the Jason White Gymnasium.

As the graduates paraded in to their seats, their path was lined with those special to them who had helped them get to where they are today. On the stage were honored guests including the school board, superintendent and guidance counselor.

The ceremony began with speeches from all valedictorians.

During her speech, valedictorian Kaleigh Haulk shared that she had often been unsure why her life had taken the path that it had. However, she said that she had learned to “trust God’s plan and embrace my faith.”

Valedictorian Emmy Slaton took time during her speech to remind her fellow graduates of moments they had shared as a class, such as the time the boys and girls had stopped talking to each other in eighth grade but no one could remember why. She also touched on many firsts they had experienced as a result of the pandemic. But she didn’t want them to dwell.

“I encourage you all to remember the good,” she said.

Valedictorian Avery Tucker stole a phrase repeated every day by science teacher Jimmy Dyer as the central message of her speech.

“Love you. See you. Be good,” was her message.

The final valedictorian to speak was Ryan Tucker, who titled her speech “How to Not Peak in High School.” She encouraged her classmates to not get complacent in their lives, and to constantly be looking for more.

“Be content, but not comfortable,” Tucker encouraged.

High school Principal Tom Radivonyk spoke next. He told the graduating class that it was estimated that a person speaks 860,341,500 words in their lifetime.

“Use each of those words wisely,” Radivonyk encouraged.

He told the graduating class that he was excited to watch and see what great things they would accomplish.

Radivonyk presented all students to Superintendent Russ Tilford for graduation, and all students were finally instructed to move their tassels. Finally, the class of 2023 gathered one last time in the back of the gym and threw their caps in celebration.