“You can’t go home again,” novelist Thomas Wolfe once wrote. He obviously never met Amelia Gilley, the new pharmacist at Lyon Drug Store.

Gilley, a Crittenden County High School graduate and a Marion resident, noted, “My main interest in pharmacy is just being able to help people. I chose to go into community or retail pharmacy because I’m in a position where, if somebody needs something, I can help them. Pharmacy is known as one of the most accessible health care providers.”

Gilley studied as an undergraduate at West Kentucky Community and Technical College. Four years after completing her studies there, she completed the Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in Lexington.

“I started here, as a pharmacist, at the beginning of August,” she said. “I actually have been working here since 2013, off and on. Once I went off to Lexington, I worked here just during the summers and Christmas break. So, it is nice to come back. They (co-workers) are like my family here. I’m still working with people I know. I recognize customers who come in and know customers’ names.”

Lyon Drug Store owner Eddy Nickell said he’s happy to have Gilley back.

“She’s worked with us for several years and we’re glad to have this,” he said. “She’s just gotten out of college and she’s very knowledgeable about the new treatments.”

Gilley said she’s getting used to the transition.

“It’s kind of been weird going from being the tech(nician) to being the boss (as a pharmacist),” she said. “People are coming to me with questions and I am getting my bearings. I’m glad to be here to help customers, patients, and doctors.”