Rolling in dough: Eddyville residents start pizza food truck business

Kent and Meg Schoonover live and work in Eddyville and started GOFOR pizza in 2018. Kent and Meg serve hand-tossed pizza from the food bus named Ethel. Its official first day of business was Saturday.

GOFOR pizza is an Eddyville-based food truck that serves handcrafted from scratch pizza. Calling themselves “fairweather” food truckers, Kent and Meg Schoonover do it as a pastime with passion.

They said the business started in 2018 as a home operation. In the beginning, they were not selling their pizzas but instead giving them away while accepting donations and bartering.

The GOFOR pizza journey started in New York, Kent’s home state. He moved to Kentucky in 2001, with his wife Meg, who is a native Kentuckian.

“I like the pizza game,” Kent said. “When you get in the pizza business, you are in the happiness business.”

After successful outings at home, Kent said he decided to pursue it more intently. He got invited to cook and serve his pizza at the Eddy Creek Marina Resort in late 2019. Following two yearly rotations there, he said he determined the business was evolving, and he needed to formalize his operation.

The vehicle is a 30-passenger bus, named Ethel. Kent and Meg bought it in Alabama and outfitted it with plumbing, electricity and equipment necessary to bake 100 pizzas on any given day.

They said they plan to make pizza year-round in Kentucky and elsewhere. The two enjoy traveling and sailing. They are interested in towing a camper and a boat north and back down South serving pizzas and spending time on the water, following the seasons as they change.

Both Kent and Meg work full-time, but they said they are becoming empty nesters next year when their youngest kid graduates from Lyon County High School.

Kent said the pizza business is sustainable and is fun to do.

He said he does not see himself or Meg going out every weekend. He does want to run a consistent business but is not keen on overworking or being counterproductive.

Kent said he missed many local festivals this year because he was unprepared and did not have proper business licensing. After receiving state certification a few weeks ago, GOFOR pizza is rolling out to the Kuttawa Days festival on Saturday.

This past Saturday, Kent and Meg made and sold 100 pizzas, only stopping after the daylight expired at dusk. They said the day was grueling, and it endured for more than 10 hours, but they appreciated the opportunity to share food and serve the community.

Currently, GOFOR pizza is stationed at Century 21 on U.S. 62 and Fairview Avenue as permitted by weather and availability. The GOFOR pizza Facebook page is how customers can confirm sale date, time, and location.

Editor's Note: At the time of publishing, this story ran with an incorrect subheadline. The Schoonover's are Eddyville residents and the story was updated at 9 a.m. on Sept. 29 to reflect that.