The Lyon County Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Dec. 12, which included a financial audit report and a review of KSBA policies and procedures.

The school board heard a report on the financial audit from a representative from Duguid, Gentry & Associates. The school board was determined to be a low-risk audit. It did have a large amount of total expenses, but that was due to the construction project.

Superintendent Russ Tilford provided an update regarding the installment of newly elected board member Will Simpson. According to Tilford, he and board attorney Marvin Wilson had a discussion with the state in which they were informed that since there was technically no candidate on the ballot in the election (Simpson was a write-in), Simpson could not be seen as winning the election. As such, the vacancy will have to be advertised, and Tilford hopes that the appointment will be made in the February meeting.

The school board is planning to adopt the KSBA policies, which are similar to policies the schools already follow. However, by formally adopting the KSBA policies, it will provide a formal continuity across the board. The school board plans to adopt the policies in sections and voted to adopt sections nine and 10 at this meeting. These sections cover both students and community relations. They outline guidelines for topics such as student attendance, field trip permissions, community feedback and visitors in the school.

The board will address other sections at future meetings.

The school board voted to approve a guaranteed energy savings contract it had been presented with earlier this year. The contract combines the bond power of the schools and the company and would save the schools money in the long run. It will be putting up roughly $500,000 up front, but most of the items it will be replacing to optimize energy savings are items it would replace in the next few years anyway.

Other business included:

  • Adopting the schedule for the 2023 regular school board meetings
  • Approval of all consent items
  • Re-appointing Wilson as school board attorney
  • Approval of the application for the FY23 Equipment Assistance Grant for School Food Authorities