At the Monday, May 5 school board meeting, students from multiple grades made presentations, which included Lego robotics and a report on a Frankfort trip.

The Lyon County Elementary robotics team placed second in the region and in the top 15 in the state. Students came to give the school board a live demonstration of their Lego robot. The students explained how they programmed it to complete tasks and that the program was based on movements, such as the number of tire rotations.

The students said the process was trial and error and you just had to keep trying things until you found out what worked. Teams are given missions that they have to complete, and they gain points by completing these missions. There is also a theme for each year’s competition that translates to the mat they compete on. This year’s theme was dinosaurs.

Fourth- and fifth-grade students also went on a field trip to Frankfort, and students from each grade wanted to present to the school board about the trip. Both expressed how grateful they were to the school board for helping fund the trip.

Fourth-grade students explained they toured both of the old and new Capitol buildings. One of the students said his favorite part of the trip was getting to see his uncle who is a representative. The students also shared some fun facts they learned, such as that the Kentucky Capitol is the only Capitol building with a light-up dome or that rubbing the foot of the statue of Abraham Lincoln is considered good luck.

Fifth-graders also shared fun facts and their favorite parts about the trip. For example, the new Capitol would cost $1 billion to be rebuilt today. There is also a Hall of Dolls for the governors’ wives. Additionally, students visited The Arsenal and The Artifact Museum, which contained Daniel Boone’s skull.

When asked by members of the school board if they thought the trip should be repeated for students each year, the students answered in the affirmative.